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  • ruineshumaines:

    Pick Up Sticks by Jessica Tremp.

    This artist is on Tumblr!

  • devidsketchbook:

    ROGUE ALAN DELEON: A lot of people have been interested in the piece and honestly it is one of my favorites. As my way of giving back to everyone that supports my artwork I am GIVING IT AWAY.

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    Winner will be picked randomly at 100K notes.

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  • rodneygroupsncompany:

    Dark blue anatomical heart necklace

    Rodney Groups : twitter | facebook | wordpress | website

    (Source: etsy.com, via frozencrafts)

  • 2headedsnake:

    Tokoha Matsuda



    etching and aquatint

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  • truebluemeandyou:

    DIY Inspiration: Book Art by Ekaterina Panikanova here. Printing on book pages taken to a whole new level. Go to the link to see many more of her book art creations. First seen at Natural History here.

  • zomgawesomesauce:

    Just finished! #AdventureTime

  • inspirarch:

    Vintage change packet.
    See more HERE.

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  • elunami:

    The making of a Coca-Cola neon sign for Piccadilly Circus, 1954


  • unconsumption:

    Australian artist Ben Frost uses empty food containers and other packaging as canvases for his paintings of commercial and pop culture images.

    (via If It’s Hip, It’s Here: Original Art With A Side Of Fries. 38 Painted McDonald’s Fry Containers by Ben Frost.)

    See also: Earlier Unconsumption packaging-related posts here.

  • digbicks:

    Minimalist Quotation Print, Ryan McArthur